The 2016 Oscars

After watching the Oscars last night, all I can say is thank God I did not try to predict some of the lesser known awards as I would have been very wrong. For the ones I did predict, I went 9/12, with AMY beating THE LOOK OF SILENCE, Mark Rylance winning Best Supporting Actor over Stallone (I know there would be an acting upset, I just wasn’t sure if it would be for this category), and SPOTLIGHT winning Best Picture over THE REVENANT. Overall, not good enough I would consider actually betting on future predictions, but not too bad either.

Some historic stuff went down last night: the last time a Best Picture winner won only one other award was all the way back in 1952, with THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH winning Best Picture and “Best Story,” mirroring SPOTLIGHT’s Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay wins.

Winning Best Director two years in a row has only happened twice before, the last times in 1949/1950 with Joseph L. Mankiewicz (the other was John Ford, who won in 1939 and 1940), but Alejandro G. Inarritu managed to pull it off. Unfortunately, with no films scheduled for this coming year, it does not seem like he’ll continue his streak at the next ceremony.

And, of course, last night was the first time Leonardo DiCaprio has won an Oscar, after four other acting nominations and one for Best Picture as a producer on Wolf of Wall Street.

Here are my reviews of the Oscar winning films SPOTLIGHT and THE REVENANT and a review of the nominated THE MARTIAN.

And for anyone who can’t wait to start predicting next year’s awards, plenty of websites have you covered.


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