A Young Brandon Sanderson

I used to have a series on here about writers’ early years, when they were still starting out and facing mountains of rejections, for motivational purposes. I’m planning on still posting a few of these, and to start out, here’s one about Brandon Sanderson.

Mr. Sanderson went into the details of his struggles trying to break out into the fantasy publishing world almost 10 years ago in a blog post:


I usually write these things out myself, but I figure no one can tell Sanderson’s story as well as Sanderson. Enjoy! And stay motivated!

Back from Hiatus!

Over a year ago I stopped updating this blog. I hadn’t lost interest or anything, but I had to write marketing blogs for clients at my day job, and, well, that made blogging the last thing I wanted to come home to. Now, I’ve moved out of that role and find myself both with time and motivation to keep this updated.

Look for more posts in the coming weeks.