The Broken Earth trilogy revisited

The Nebula awards, one of the most prestigious prizes in fantasy and science fiction, were announced this past weekend. N.K. Jemisin won best novel for The Stone Sky, the final novel in her Broken Earth trilogy (before this, not only had she never won a Nebula, but she was nearing having the most Nebula nominations without a win).

A few years ago, I wrote a brief review of The Fifth Season, the first work in the sequence, and I thought it would be a good time to revisit it:


It’s…rather brief, but I stand by the philosophy behind that, namely, going in cold, knowing as little as possible is the best way to experience the book. The world Jemisin crafts is unlike almost every other in popular fantasy, and part of the joy is slowing uncovering bits of it.

The first book is still the best, in my opinion, with The Obelisk Gate (number two) suffering from middle book syndrome but still being an overall great read. The Stone Sky happily brings things to an electrifying conclusion. If you haven’t started the trilogy yet, try to avoid plot info online and just pick them up as soon as you can.

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